Dot Org Boom (Stockholm 2005)

The Dot Org Boom: A seminar on independent and networked media

Dot Org Boom media seminar in Stockholm on Tuesday 12th of April (2005) explored the relationship between grassroot media and mainstream commercial media. It was part of the PixelACHE festival.

Robert Stachel (Austria) will give a presentation with a topic ‚Community Media as online programme platforms – redefining the role of the „third tier“ of TV and Radio‘

When they were founded, Community Access Media were meant to become the „third tier“ of Radio and Television, next to Public Service Broadcasting and commercial stations. But the requirements of a complementary media offer have changed: The programmes of most European Public Service Corporations are influenced by their competition with commercial stations. Internet took over a lot of the social and political functions that Community Media were meant to take some 15 years ago. The need for a TV platform for non-commercial content, for art and independent film, for controversial discussion and experimental forms of production seems still unsatisfied.

What can be the role of non-commercial Community media in this situation? How will they adapt to new ways of distribution on the internet and digital carriers? How could international cooperation work, what programmes could they exchange? Licencing policies, online frameworks for collaborative production, new meta data standards and easy-to-use databases are keys to future success of Community Television and Radio.

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Dot Org Boom media seminar



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